Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quotes For Lightening The Lamp Ceremony

Daniel Knorr -

Romania has a good pool of artists. Brancusi's land has an enviable number of contemporary artists that are common in major events and art circuits of today. Daniel Knorr, who was born in Bucharest in 1968 is, of course, one of them, and we must not forget Mircea Cantor, who have spoken on this site on numerous occasions, Dan Perjovschi, Victor Matei Bejenaru or Man All of them make Romania is among the emerging powers in the field of contemporary art. Knorr has a proven track record. This year has had a significant individual in the Fridericianum Museum in Kassel, and has previously participated in no small interest group, including Manifesta South Tyrol or the Berlin Biennale.

Knorr is one of those artists who has been lucky enough to like it one of the most important commissioners of the European scene, the Pole Adam Szymczyk, director of the Kunsthalle Basel and curator of the Berlin Biennial 2008. Many of those artists that he participated in the Biennial Germany (who visited the Berlin Biennial Knorr remember the piece in the Neue Nationalgalerie, this frieze of flags of different student associations in Germany, are all linked in one way or another to the right - a questioning of the recent past and German national identity) have done later in Kunsthalle rooms directing and what have not they will. No doubt it ... But the truth is that Szymczyk has made things very interesting recently, in fact, this is not the first time you visit the exhibitions designs. Daniel Knorr it is only the finding of extremely varied range of interests managed by the director, whose tastes range from sculptural forms derived from the rebirth of povera aesthetic, through the everyday, is associated with postminimalism and manifested artists such as Thea Djordjaze or Gabriel Kuri (both present also in Berlin), the rereading of modernity, so in vogue today, as evidenced by his interest in artists as Peter Barateiro, Cyprien Gaillard and David Maljkovic, or new modes of expression and exhibition of the artistic, visible in the work of Haris Epaminonda or the same Daniel Knorr.

The Romanian works, to use his own words, in an area straddling the conceptual and performative tradition which, in principle, could not say much. Its work is varied, it acts on what already exists, it interferes with standard, poor materials used in a silent and subtle and at the same time is able to influence the public mind from a radical and almost haughty. Proof of this is one of his most famous works, one conducted in Copenhagen recently, when he put a ski mask all statues in the city.

has organized the exhibition in Basel in new technology are its main attraction. He has designed a complex computer system on the laser through screens in each of the five rooms of the Kunsthalle, one can see the number of visitors and their position in the room by red dots. Another work from the sensors respond to the passing of each visitor in a large frieze of 30 meters. There is also a device that announces when the artist is not asleep. And at the same time, a very different plane, Knorr presents sculptural works, like a snowman made with stones holding a palm leaf, a common figure who suffers slight but significant changes such as scarecrows dressed in couture suits overwhelm one of the larger rooms in the Kunsthalle.

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